We have been passionate about furniture and antiques for a lifetime.

From an early age the scents of wood and beeswax have nourished our path by transforming the work, started by our father in 1963, into a family passion: made of research, dedication and attention to detail.

We are strong in the purchase of antique furniture from different periods to be restored; and for our antique shops we carefully search for furniture, fabrics and decorations with a special and authentic soul, the same that we put into the work of selling antiques and more.

We love to mix and offer vintage and modern furniture, antique furniture and design decorations, luxury wallpaper and furnishing fabrics.

Antichità Alessio contains an ancient and romantic soul, worthy of the Victorian novels, and at the same time current. We welcome you in quiet places where you can reconnect with your inner self and savor the balance between tradition and modernity. We celebrate beauty and dress your spaces.

The Alessio family

Ours are antique shops and sale of vintage and modern furnishings; places of research where you can find the perfect object or antiquity for any environment. We welcome you with warmth and attention to accompany you in choosing the right furniture for your home.

Roberto is the restorer of antique furniture and when it comes to finishes he is a first class fussy. If you want to know it, you will certainly find it immersed in its world: our restoration laboratory.

Loredana takes care of the experience: she pampers the customer and accompanies him in a conscious purchase. She studies the projects, carry out inspections to understand the needs, present a quote for everything related to the sale of antique furniture, including online, and decorations such as fabrics and curtains and wallpaper.

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