The restoration laboratory has existed since 1963; it was our father who passed on our passion for furniture and antiques and that is why since we were young we have breathed the love for wood and relentlessly sought unique pieces to sell in the shops of Antichità Alessio.

In our creative corner, where old furniture comes back to life, Roberto takes care of it, with maniacal precision, and carrying on the tradition: he looks after vintage furniture with dedication, preserving their history.

A work of balance between tradition and modernity

Antichità Alessio is a family-run company that manages to reconcile the ancient and the modern, not only with the combination of items present in the shops and on the online shop, but also with the modern techniques of lacquering and padding (of the seats), that transform antique furniture into a perfect example of a fusion between tradition and innovation.

We work respecting the value of the furniture with dedication, loyalty and attention to detail.

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